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CAN-BUS Shield provides Arduino connection with communication bus (CAN) of car or industrial equipment.


Controller Area Network (CAN) is communication standard purposed for connection of microcontroller and internal car devices (ECU). Actually CAN-bus ties all devices in vehicle for communication with each other.

CAN-BUS Shield connects with car through standard 9-terminal D-Sub connector to OBD-II cable can be tied.

MCP2515 (CAN-controller) and MCP2551 (CAN-transceiver) circuits are set in shield to use CAN-BUS interface.

Use external libraries in IDE Arduino for control CAN-BUS.

Also shield includes module for work with MicroSD-cards. It allows either to save data in files on MicroSD-cards and to read files transferred through CAN-BUS.

For MicroSD-card module we used CD4050 buffering circuit to transform 5V-3.3V signal (SD-cards use 3.3V, power is got by Arduino). It provides more stable signal in conditions of high speed reading/writing (unlike use of resistors, which change signal characteristic).

Micro-SD module uses SPI-interface and D9, D11, D12, D13 Arduino-pins. Detail instruction is on shield underside.

Can-controller use D9, D11, D12, D13 pins. To switch data streams between devices use D9 control pins (MicroSD-reader) and D10-CAN-controller.

On board have I2C connector, serial UART and GPS connector.

As GPS module works through UART we added switch for connect to pins D3 and D4, for deny conflicts in work of another devices connected with 0(RX) and 1(TX) terminals.

Shield is completely established and ready for use.

OBD-II wire is not included.

*Warning: in some cars there are several CAN-connectors and some of them are blocked by manufacturer. In this case you need 2 wires of the twisted pair cable CANH and CANL.


  • CAN V2.0B protocol realization with speed up to 1Mb/s,
  • High SPI interface speed (10MHz),
  • Standard (11bites) and expanded (29bites) data packet,
  • CAN connection through standard 9-terminal D-Sup(male) connector,
  • CAN connection through 2-terminal block for fast connection CANH, CANL wires,
  • LED data indication CAN-BUS,
  • MicroSD-card reader,
  • Connectors for series I2C and serial UART,
  • Connectors for GPS connection.
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