Tiny210 SDK-1.1 LCD S70 1GB NAND

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Producent: FriendlyARM
Kod produktu: 4134-511EA


CPU Module

  • 1 GHz Samsung S5PV210 with PowerVR SGX540 graphics engine
  • 512MB DDR2 RAM, 32-bit data bus, 200 MHz
  • SLC NAND Flash: 1GB
  • Two 60-pin and one 30-pin 2.0mm spaced DIP connectors for mounting to motherboard
  • 51-pin 1.0mm spaced SMD connector for the LCD
  • HDMI interface
  • Four user LEDs (green)
  • Power LED (red)
  • Supply voltage from 2V to 6V
  • CPU module dimensions: 64 × 50 × 11 mm
  • Software: Android 4.0, Android 2.3, Linux 2.6.35, Qtopia-2.2.0/Qt-4.4.3/Qt-4.7
Mother board

We provide one mother board for Tiny210 CPU board.

One is for Tiny210SDK mother board, it have more expand fundtion, such as 4 USB Host, and so on



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Interface define Tiny210SDK1 Mother board
USB Host Four USB Host: standard USB Host port
USB Slave One USB Slave
Serial Port Four serial port:  two of them have been converted to RS232, and leads through the DB9 Block (COM0, COM1), through the CON1, 2, 3, 4, Block leads to TTL level
Keys Eight User keys
Ethernet  One RJ45 Ethernet port: DM9000AEP, 10/100M adaptive
Audio In/Out One Audio In, One Audio Out, using the WM8960 
ADC Input Six ADC input
Buzzer One, control by the PWM0
EEPROM One, AT24C08 (256 Byte) for I2C test
LCD Interface Four LCD interface, both 40 Pin 0.5mm Pitch Chip Block, support 3.5 "-19" full color TFT display LCD
Another one is for 45Pin LCD interface
capacitance Touchscreen interface  Support, in the 45Pin LCD interface
SDIO interface used to connect the SD WiFi module and other
CMOS Camera interface used to connect CMOS camera Module
RTC Clock with a backup battery
G-Sensor G-Sensor support
Mini-PCIe Mini-PCIe support, expand 3G module
PCB layer Two layer
AV in AV in support
PCB Size 180 x 130mm, can be easily fixed all kinds of LCD modules, especially the 7-inch LCD module
Power Supply DV-5V


The board ships with Linux 2.6.28 BSP, WinCE BSP, and Android 2.3 Android 4.0 source code.
  • Version: Superboot-210
  • Function: Supports boot and system update by microSD/TF-card (Superboot)
Linux kernel
  • Linux-2.6.35 For Android 2.3
  • Linux-3.0.8 for Android 4.0
  • Compile: arm-linux-gcc-4.5.1-v6-vfp
Android system
  • Android 2.3 (source code)
  • Android 4.0 (source code)
Device Driver
  • TFT LCD/Touchscreen, HDMI, Audio Out, MMC/SD card, Net, Serial port, Watchdog, RTC, Keyboard
  • WiFi, USB Host/Device, FIMC/JPEG/MFC/3D/2D, Camera, 3G driver
File System support
  • Ubi filesystem, yaffs, ext2/3
Function use examples
  • Ethernet, Support DHCP, Audio in/out, SD WiFi support, HDMI support
  • CMOS Camera support, 3G support (WCDMA, CDMA2000)
  • USB Disk support, USB Bluetooth support, Switch horizontal and vertical screen
  • Dynamic Wallpapers
  • Version: Superboot-210
  • Function: Support boot and system update via microSD/TF-card (Superboot)
Linux kernel
  • Verison: Linux-2.6.35
  • Compile: arm-linux-gcc-4.5.1-v6-vfp
Device Driver
  • TFT LCD/Touchscreen, HDMI, Audio Out, MMC/SD card, Net, Serial port, Watchdog, RTC, Keyboard
  • WiFi, USB Host/Device, FIMC/JPEG/MFC/3D/2D, Camera, 3G driver
File System support
  • Ubi filesystem, yaffs, ext2/3
Graphics system
  • Qtopia-2.2.0/Qt-4.4.3/Qt-4.7
WinCE 6.0
  • Version: Stepldr and EBOOT (source code provided)
  • Function: Supports download and system update via SD and USB-Quickboot
  • Version: WinCE 6.0 R3
  • Function: HIVE register support, BINFS support, SLEEP
Device Drivers
  • TFT LCD/Touchscreen (supports 3.5", 4.3", 7.0", 8.0", 10.4" LCD)
  • CMOS camera, user key driver, PWM driver, RTC driver, DM9000 driver
  • SD card support, touch screen support, audio in/out
  • Serial driver, media support (JPEG, FIMC, MFC, 2D/3D, TVENC,TVSCALER)
  • WiFi, GPS, GPRS, Camera
  • USB Bluetooth, USB WiFi, USB mouse, USB key, IE6 explorer
Test programs
  • LED test, button test, serial debug tools, PWM test, TV test, OpenGL test
  • CMOS camera test, SD WiFi test, USB WiFi test, backlight control test, USB Bluetooth test, Ethernet test

UWAGA, w LCD z ekranem dotykowym pojemnościowym, nie jest wspierane (nie działa) pod systeme WINCE sterowanie dotykiem. Dla tego systemu zaleca sie wykorzystywanie LCD z ekranami dotykowym rezystancyjnym.


Do pobrania

Tiny210 V 1.1 Single board Overv


W zestawie:

  • Moduł Tiny210 V 1.1 LCD7" S70  ekran dotykowy rezystancyjny
  • Przewód RS232
  • Przewód ETHERNET
  • Przewód USB
  • Zasilacz 5V/ 2000mA
  • DVD z oprogramowaniem (systemy operacyjne, schematy, noty katalogowe)
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