Tiny210 V2 LCD7" S700 2GB NAND

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Producent: FriendlyARM
Kod produktu: BAD7-2881E


CPU Module
The CM-Tiny210V2 CPU board is a high-performance ARM Cortex-A8 core board. It uses the Samsung S5PV210 as the main processor, running at up to 1GHz. The integrated PowerVR SGX540 S5PV210 internal high-performance graphics engine supports smooth 3D graphics, and can handle playing 1080p video.
Its 2.0mm-pitch header pins lead to the CPU's most common functions.
The CM-Tiny210V2 CPU module's on-board 512M DDR2 memory can run advanced operating systems such as Android, Linux and WinCE 6. It is ideal for the development of high-end Internet-enabled devices, advertising, multimedia terminals, smart homes, high-end surveillance systems, or video game control panel devices.
  • CPU: 1 GHz Samsung S5PV210, Base on CortexTM-A8
  • DDR2 RAM: 512MB DDR2 RAM, 32bit data bus, 200MHz
  • FLASH: MLC NAND Flash: 2GB
  • Multi-IO:
    • 2 x 60 Pin 2.0mm space DIP connector
    • 2x 30 Pin 2.0mm space DIP connector
  • on Board:
  • 4 x User Leds(Green)
  • Ethernet Chip: DM9000AEP
  • Audio Codec Chip: WM8960
  • Supply Voltage from 2V to 6V
  • Mechanical: Dimension: 74x 55 x 11mm
  • Software
    • Android 2.3 + Linux-2.6.35
    • Android 4.0(Provide Linux-3.0.8 Kernel Source code)
    • Linux2.6.35 + Qtopia-2.2.0 + Qtopia4-Phone + QtE-4.7.0
    • WindowsCE.NET 6.0(R3) 

Mother board

We provide the Tiny210V2SDK mother board for CM-Tiny210V2 CPU board.

  • 1. Integrated USB 2.0 Hub: Extended 4 USB host ports, three of them as the standard side port, and one was lead by SCON interface
  • 2. AV CCD Camera In: Integrated TVP5150 video chip: 2 AV input port (RCA), can be directly connected using a CCD camera
  • 3. Expand MiniPCI interface: expand 3G Module
  • 4. Serial Port: 4 serial port, two of them have been converted to RS232, and leads through the DB9 Block (COM0, COM1), through the CON1, 2, 3, 4, Block leads to TTL level
  • 5. keys: 8 key
  • 6. RJ45 Ethernet port: using DM9000AEP(On CPU board), 10/100M adaptive
  • 7. Audio input and output: using the WM8960 professional audio chip(On cpu board), containing Class D amplifier on-board microphone, and supports HDMI audio and video synchronization output
  • 8. USB Slave: 1 Road, the USB 2.0 specification
  • 9. Buzzer: 1, control by the PWM0
  • 10. EEPROM: AT24C08 (256 Byte) for I2C test
  • 11. LCD Interface: 2 LCD interface, support 3.5 "-19" full color TFT display LCD
  • 12. Capacitive touch screen: I2C-based interface, on the 45Pin LCD connector
  • 13. Resistive touch screen: 1-wired Touchscreen interface, On 40Pin LCD connector
  • 14. SDIO interface: used to connect the SD WiFi module and other
  • 15. CMOS Camera interface: used to connect CMOS camera
  • 16. RTC clock: with a backup battery (according to different regions or time periods, mailing may remove the battery)
  • 17. Gravity sensor Support
  • 18. PCB layer: 2
  • 19. PCB size: 180 x 130mm, can be easily fixed all kinds of LCD modules, especially the 7-inch LCD module
  • 20. Power supply: DC-5V

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The board ships with Linux 2.6.28 BSP, WinCE BSP, and Android 2.3 Android 4.0 source code.
  • Version: Superboot-210
  • Function: Supports boot and system update by microSD/TF-card (Superboot)
Linux kernel
  • Linux-2.6.35 For Android 2.3
  • Linux-3.0.8 for Android 4.0
  • Compile: arm-linux-gcc-4.5.1-v6-vfp
Android system
  • Android 2.3 (source code)
  • Android 4.0 (source code)
Device Driver
  • TFT LCD/Touchscreen, HDMI, Audio Out, MMC/SD card, Net, Serial port, Watchdog, RTC, Keyboard
  • WiFi, USB Host/Device, FIMC/JPEG/MFC/3D/2D, Camera, 3G driver
File System support
  • Ubi filesystem, yaffs, ext2/3
Function use examples
  • Ethernet, Support DHCP, Audio in/out, SD WiFi support, HDMI support
  • CMOS Camera support, 3G support (WCDMA, CDMA2000)
  • USB Disk support, USB Bluetooth support, Switch horizontal and vertical screen
  • Dynamic Wallpapers
  • Version: Superboot-210
  • Function: Support boot and system update via microSD/TF-card (Superboot)
Linux kernel
  • Verison: Linux-2.6.35
  • Compile: arm-linux-gcc-4.5.1-v6-vfp
Device Driver
  • TFT LCD/Touchscreen, HDMI, Audio Out, MMC/SD card, Net, Serial port, Watchdog, RTC, Keyboard
  • WiFi, USB Host/Device, FIMC/JPEG/MFC/3D/2D, Camera, 3G driver
File System support
  • Ubi filesystem, yaffs, ext2/3
Graphics system
  • Qtopia-2.2.0/Qt-4.4.3/Qt-4.7
WinCE 6.0
  • Version: Stepldr and EBOOT (source code provided)
  • Function: Supports download and system update via SD and USB-Quickboot
  • Version: WinCE 6.0 R3
  • Function: HIVE register support, BINFS support, SLEEP
Device Drivers
  • TFT LCD/Touchscreen (supports 3.5", 4.3", 7.0", 8.0", 10.4" LCD)
  • CMOS camera, user key driver, PWM driver, RTC driver, DM9000 driver
  • SD card support, touch screen support, audio in/out
  • Serial driver, media support (JPEG, FIMC, MFC, 2D/3D, TVENC,TVSCALER)
  • WiFi, GPS, GPRS, Camera
  • USB Bluetooth, USB WiFi, USB mouse, USB key, IE6 explorer
Test programs
  • LED test, button test, serial debug tools, PWM test, TV test, OpenGL test
  • CMOS camera test, SD WiFi test, USB WiFi test, backlight control test, USB Bluetooth test, Ethernet test



Do pobrania

Tiny210V2 Single board Overv


W zestawie:

  • Moduł Tiny210 V2 LCD7" ekran dotykowy pojemnościowy
  • Przewód RS232
  • Przewód ETHERNET
  • Przewód USB
  • Zasilacz 5V/ 2000mA
  • DVD z oprogramowaniem (systemy operacyjne, schematy, noty katalogowe)
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